Copper Fox Bottles Available Right at the Distillery!

In Virginia and need some Copper Fox spirits? They're all available for sale at our distilleries! Check the tours pages for latest hours and details:




Restaurants and Bars

Copper Fox spirits are widely available in Virginia, throughout the metro-DC area, and also in cities like Roanoke, Richmond and Charlottesville. If you don't see our spirits, ask your bartender or restaurateur to order our spirits for your next visit!



Virginia Retail ABC Stores

You can now ORDER ONLINE through Virginia ABC!

Copper Fox spirits are available in most Virginia ABC stores. Our listed products may be bought right off the shelf, but if you don't see them in your store, you may ask for them with the following codes:

  • Copper Fox Original Rye Whisky: 27043

  • Copper Fox Original Single Malt: 27600

  • Copper Fox Peachwood Single Malt: 27248

Special Order

  • Copper Fox Port Style Barrel Finish Single Malt Whisky: 952753

  • Copper Fox Port Style Finish Rye Whisky: 953259

  • Copper Fox VIR Gin: 32690

  • Copper Fox Rye Spirit: 952347

  • Copper Fox Single Malt Spirit: 952348

  • Copper Fox Bourbon Mash Spirit: 953791

  • Belle Grove 1797 Spirit: 953069

  • Belle Grove 1797 Whisky: 953070