Rick Wasmund rakes the barley in the floor malting process.


We emphasize the combination of innovation and tradition to produce a whisky that is truly unique. And yes, it’s whisky—not whiskey—for us, in the grand and storied tradition of the Scotch techniques that were our inspiration.

Hand-crafted with original ideas and locally-sourced ingredients, each barrel starts from scratch with our own hand-malted barley. We flavor the grain with fruitwood smoke and age the spirit with a progressive series of new and used fruitwood chips in used bourbon barrels. We invite you to join us in our flavor journey to whisky perfection!


9 River Lane

Sperryville, Virginia

(540) 987-8554


901 Capitol Landing Road

Williamsburg, Virginia

(757) 903-2076

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Our continuing quest for whisky flavor perfection has led us to the delicate complexities of peachwood, contributing a symphony of fruity, floral notes both in the smoking medium of the kiln drying process and as a maturing catalyst in our barrels.

Available at both our distilleries and by special order from any Virginia ABC store: #27248

A Tour, A Tasting and a Really Cool Sign!

Artfully Yours Studio staff led guests in a wooden "whiskey quote" sign board workshop using pre-stained wood, stencils and paint. Whisky, craft cocktail and artistic passions were fueled.

I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit

Check out the new release of the video featuring the story of Copper Fox Distillery. 

Inspired by whiskey's rich history and tradition, I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit highlights how commerce creates human connection. Whiskey is a distinct spirit-it is science, chance, time, risk, ingenuity, love, intensity-all in a glass, when it's done right. And like America itself, whiskey is equally known and appreciated for its diversity and individual expression.




Rick Wasmund started Copper Fox in 2005, one of the first of the new breed of American distillers. But the fire started long before. Fascinated with the aromas of wood smoke since childhood and lured by the rich sumptuousness of Scottish single malts, Rick apprenticed at the famed Bowmore Distillery before returning home to create truly original and singular whiskies: hand malted barley smoked with American fruitwoods and aged with innovative wood treatments.