Come partake in the unique experience of Copper Fox products. 

When you come to the distillery for a visit, you can try single pours of our amazing spirits, or have one of our expert mixologists create a refreshing cocktail. We've got new takes on the classics and inventive new concoctions every season. Check back often to see what's new!




Traditional Tasting Event  $10

Flight of four ¼ oz. pours of our Copper Fox Distillery spirits


Classic Event  $9

Selections from our timeless Copper Bar


Smoky Wasmund

A unique and fiery presentation of our signature Single Malt or Rye.


Old Fashioned

Our spin on the original cocktail dating back to the mid-1800’s, we make this classic with Copper Fox Rye.


Dark & Foxy

Tipping our hat to the 1850’s maritime classic, our modern spin features Copper Fox Rye and Ginger Beer.


Stormy VirGin

Looking for a botanical refresher that’s perfect for any season? Made with Vir Gin and Ginger Beer, this one’s for you!



Copper Event  $12

Selection of seasonal creations from the Copper Bar


The Lord Paget

A fusion of Old World hospitality and New World innovation, using Copper Fox Rye, Pineapple, Apple and Citrus.


Miserable Bastard

An unexpected mix of Copper Fox spirits and fresh squeezed citrus is just the thing to set you right, no matter how your day is going!


Cranberry Cider Punch

Crisp apple cider and tart cranberry blend with our smoky single Malt whisky.


Original Sin

Our signature whiskies blend with sweet pear nectar and smoky,earthy black tea syrup in this tempting cocktail.


Winter’s Blush

Ruby grapefruit juice and raspberry syrup mingle with Vir Gin’s botanicals.


Blonde Mary

Our spin on the classic bloody mary, with Copper Fox Rye and Natural Blonde mix.




The Discovery   $10

Flight of four ¼ oz. pours of our Copper Fox Distillery spirits 


Single Pour   $5

A 1 oz. pour of our signature Copper Fox Single Malt, Copper Fox Rye Whisky, Copper Fox Peachwood Single Malt, or Vir Gin with a splash of water or ice.


Premium Single Pour   $9

 A  1 oz. pour of our Copper Fox Premium Whiskies with a splash of water or ice. 



The Susan Constant   $7


Smoky Wasmund

This presentation of a 1 oz. neat pour makes an impression!


Gin & Tonic

Crisp. Classic. Satisfying.


Rick’s Shivering Pirate Lemonade

A light and refreshing sipper with Copper Fox Bourbon Mash, lemonade, cranberry juice, and fresh ginger.


Old Fashioned

Choose one of three unique spins on this original cocktail dating back to the mid-1800’s made with Copper Fox Rye.

Traditional        Pear and Ginger     Grapefruit and Sage


Dark & Foxy

Tipping our hat to the 1850’s maritime classic, our modern spin features our Copper Fox Rye and ginger beer.


Stormy VirGin

Made with Vir Gin and ginger beer, this one’s for you!

Try our seasonal pumpkin variation!



The Godspeed   $9


Autumn Harvest

Celebrate all things autumn with our apple butter, pumpkin butter, and Copper Fox Peachwood Single Malt cocktail.


Sour Vixen

Our sultry vixen combines pomegranate, lemon, and our Copper Fox Single Malt Whisky for a refreshing welcome into fall. 


Blonde Mary

Natural Blonde Mary Mix© with Copper Fox Rye or Copper Fox Single Malt topped with a celery stick.

(Ask for an Old Bay© rim to spice things up!)



Queen Anne’s Revenge


Mint Chocolate Gin Martini   $12

Our seasonal take on a gin martini adds a kiss of chocolate and mint to welcome the decadence of the holidays.

Contains Pasteurized Raw Egg Whites – alternative egg-free preparation available


Winter is Coming    $12

Are you looking for something fancy? Try this wintery take on a traditional flip featuring our Vir Gin, cream, egg-whites*, cinnamon-anise syrup and lemon.

*Contains Pasteurized Raw Egg Whites


Distillery Manhattan   $15

A Copper Fox remix of a traditional favorite; this cherry based cocktail turns a Premium Rye into the perfect balance of bitter, sweet, and boozy. 


Additional Offerings   $3

Lemonade       Ginger Beer       Bottled Water ($1)